Puppy Social

Puppy Social

This weekly drop-in puppy social is designed to help your puppy become the most confident puppy he can be. Socialization during the critical socialization period is essential for the development of a happy, healthy, confident, well-adjusted dog. Our socials focus on teaching puppies appropriate play and communication skills, exposure to people and handling, and general confidence building. Socials are appropriate for very young puppies with one set of DHPP or DHLPP vaccinations. Pieces of the Universe LLC is disinfected prior to puppy socials to make the area as safe as possible for young puppies. Pups from 8 weeks to 6 months old may attend, and should be carried to and from class. Pups must have been healthy and in your home for at least seven days prior to first social. $15 per drop-in.



Age: Friendly and social puppy 8 to 24 weeks

Schedule: See class calendar for available dates and times.

Prerequisite: None

Vaccine: DHLPP or DHPP vaccine (specifically Distemper and Parvo) at least 5 days before start of the first class.

Length: Each Puppy Social is $15 and on a drop in basis. The puppy social session will last approximately 1 hour.