Service Dog Polishing

Service Dog Polishing

This class is for people wanting to polish up on their service dog’s skills.  Maintaining knowledge requires practice to stay as accurate and detailed as possible, your service dog is no different.  This class will be tailored to the group’s needs.  Scent work and alerting, public access, house behaviors, obedience and more are all on the table.  Come and give your service dog and best friend a chance to have fun and become the best service dog he possibly can.


Registration Fee: $200 for 5 consecutive weeks


  1. Dogs accepted in this class are upon approval by Pieces of the Universe.
  2. Prerequisites:  Dogs must have completed private service dog lessons and be approved before joining this class.
  3. Vaccine:  Proof of Rabies Vaccine and DHLPP or DHPP vaccine (specifically Distemper and Parvo)
  4. Length: This class runs for 5 consecutive weeks, unless a break is noted.  Each class is approximately 1 hour per week.  Each class will meet on the same day and time each week.

**Download a free copy of Dr Ian Dunbar’s books, Before You Get Your Puppy and After You Get Your Puppy after Registering for this class.  The option will be available when you submit your application.