Adventure Dog Workshop at the Alvord Desert

Date Change*** November 9-12, 2023

This workshop is a three night, four day event for you and your best friend.  Learn the foundation for training your dog in adventure activities from camping in a tent to mushing.

Scent training and physical exercise are two of the most rewarding activities for dogs.  Learn how to integrate these methods with an understanding of dog behavior and how to develop clear communication.  With a focus on gaining desired behaviors through positive reinforcement, you and your dog are guaranteed to have a wonderful time!

All spots are working spots and by individual approval through application.  This is for balanced dogs looking to learn new skills or polish old ones.  This is not a remedial training.

Kristin has vast dog training experience from hundreds of trained diabetic alert and other service dogs, search and rescue, tracking, shed and truffle hunting, remedial training, behavior consultations, puppy rearing and early puppy development.  Kristin has dedicated her life to understanding canine communication and currently lives with a pack of 14 dogs.  Her experience in hands on dog handling, training and living with a pack yields a unique perspective.  As a yoga instructor, Kristin will also discuss handler confidence and state off mind as we look at all parts of our dog; including ourselves. Set in beautiful South East Oregon, at the Alvord Desert, you will have a weekend full of dogs, beauty, friends and adventure.

Dryland mushing: Dryland mushing is an exhilarating way to deepen your bond with dogs and channel their extra energy.  With the use of kick-bikes, you will have an opportunity to experience running with some of Kristin’s dogs and give your dog a chance to try it out!  Learn the foundation skills and vocabulary used in mushing.

Shed and Truffle Hunting: Scent training is one of the most rewarding jobs I have had with dogs.  From a foundation in medical alert scent training, search and rescue tracking & air scenting, shed & truffle work and gun dog training: it is hard to find someone with 14 years of strictly positive reinforcement scent training.  The use of markers and food make scent training an easy and fun to train activity for you and your dog.

Obedience and Recall: Hit the trails with a loose leash and impulse control!  Reinforce your dog’s obedience using positive reinforcement and fun games.  Learn how to gain the relationship and trust needed for reliable off leash recalls.

R+ Snake Avoidance: When traveling to high elevations, it is always a good idea to teach a reliable snake avoidance.  Using only positive reinforcement techniques, learn how to gain consistent and reliable safety for your dog.  This is the tried and true method used by Kristin and her pack of happy dogs.

Study dog behavior and ethology.  As an IAABC certified canine consultant and a lifetime of living with a pack of dogs, Kristin is a wealth of knowledge in dog behavior and communication.  You will have the opportunity to observe dog behavior as we determine why dogs do the things they do.  This approach to understanding the mind of a dog exponentially improves your skills as a dog handler.

Yoga: Kristin is an International Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor.  Her Mindful Dog Handling course has been a favorite of clients.  Achieving balance as a human is the first step to clear communication with our dogs.  Learn breathing techniques and even some stretches to keep you centered and mindful in your dog handling.

Art: We will enjoy the company of our human friends as we participate in a fun dog themed art.  With a continued focus on centered handling and mindfulness as a handler, we will relax and craft together.

Hot Spring Soak: Restore your body and mind with a soak in a natural hot spring.

Evening Campfires: Evening campfires with conversations and friends.

Camping Spaces: Dry Camping spots available and are included in tuition. Tents and RVs welcome.

Cost: $485/dog  handler team.

Spaces are very limited.  Submit an inquiry if you think you and your  dog are good candidates to participate!

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