Walk and Train

Walk and Train is a great way to get your dog out and practicing his/her training, during your busy work week. On a training walk, your dog will have a fun and positive experience, practicing obedience, stimulating his/her mind and physically exercising. The best part, you just leave it all to me! You will be at work with the piece of mind, knowing your dog’s well-being and training is covered!

Walk and Train Prices:

$100 for an hour walk, one dog

$75/dog for two dogs

$130 for reactive dogs working with basket muzzle training

Training Consultation required for dogs not current or past clients of Pieces of the Universe Dog Training. This training consultation is done in your home and is a half hour long to get to know your dog’s needs and prepare for our independent walks. Cost for Walk and Train Consultation $50

Contact us to book your dog’s Walk and Train session!

Limited to availability and location, inquire for details.