Raising Balanced Puppies

Class Starts Tuesday, October 11, 2022


This class is for anyone with a spark of interest in what it takes to consistently raise balanced puppies. As a breeder, invested in the cycle of raising puppies, the bonuses yielded in increased value and reduced returns, is proof enough. In the past twelve years of breeding, I have had two dogs (over six months of age) and two puppies (within one week of going home) returned. The insurance I place on my puppies for long-term, successful placement comes from the confidence in all the early handling a puppy gets. We give the puppies every skill they need to succeed. Over the years, I have observed shortfalls in puppies, while teaching hundreds of puppy kindergarten classes.

This class addresses those findings and how I will prepare my puppies for a lifetime of success.  Shadow me virtually, as I raise a litter!

Topics include:
Care of mother dog
Veterinary involvement
The first ten days
Brain development
Handling goals with the puppies
Maintaining mom dog's health
2-4 week developmental period
4-6 week developmental period
6-8 week developmental period
8-12 week developmental period
Common issues
Puppy health and maintenance
Preparing for placement
Temperament testing
Picking quality families
Placement time info

This class will be available only to those who register. Meetings will take place twice a week for 14 weeks. Covering the week before puppies are born, through the week after puppies go home. This is a unique learning opportunity in the layers of experience I'm able to bring to this class. Holding a master's of education enables clear teaching quality, but also a detailed understanding of the brain and how it develops and learns. Being a professional dog trainer for over 20 years gives me perspective to see the common deficits in the average puppy raising. Being a canine behaviorist gives the important perspective of understanding why dogs do things they do. As we shape a being with instinct, this becomes very powerful in our puppy raising approach. Finally, being a breeder has given me the last twelve years of follow up, yielding understanding of where the strengths and weaknesses fell in puppies. This class will combine the layers of what makes a balanced dog.

I hope you will join us in this exciting learning opportunity about puppies, through the lens of a certified professional dog trainer, canine behaviorist, breeder and early childhood educator.

Class will be held Tuesdays at 5pm PST
Saturday at 9am PST

Shadow me virtually as I raise a litter!

Zoom video platform.  Classes will be recorded, for viewing at your own connivence.

Cost $120